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Polka Dot Dairy, Inc.


Polka Dot Dairy, Inc.

Pat Pettit
110 East 17th Street
Hastings, MN 55033
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Phone Number (651) 438-2793
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Fax (651) 438-2638
Product Description

In business since 1956, Polka Dot Dairy is unique among dairy providers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Iowa in many ways:

  • It is still locally owned and operated by the family of its founder.
  • All Polka Dot fluid dairy products are produced and bottled at Hastings Co-op Creamery, using milk that comes from the same core group of farmers/members week after week. The result is milk that has a consistently delicious flavor (many Polka Dot customers, once converted, won't drink any other milk).
  • Polka Dot offers exceptional service from the delivery drivers/salesmen.
  • Polka Dot offers fair pricing to all customers, and participates with stores in promotional offerings.
  • Polka Dot has a growing product offering that serves the convenience store industry well. In addition to products that typical dairy distributors carry like milk, cream, juice, butter, ice cream and eggs, polka dot also provides the following "grab and go" type items:
    • Old Trapper Beef Jerky - bags, sticks, and bulk racks.
    • Hi-Country Beef Jerky - from Montana, in 11 oz. bags.
    • Dot's Homestyle Pretzels - from North Dakota, an addicting flavor favorite
    • Husnik Beef Sticks - awesome refrigerated snack sticks from a South Saint Paul institution.
    • North Country Cheese - from Wisconsin, in blocks, slices, shreds, string, flavored curds, and many varieties of spreads.
    • Snack Cheese - 1 oz. cheese sticks
    • Ellsworth Cheese Curds
    • Grandma Alica Bread and Buns
    • Mrs. Call's Caramels
    • Victoria's Gluten Free Cookies
    • Original Gourmet Lollipops and Fusion Bars
    • Pop'd Kerns - a unique popped crunchy corn snack made in Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

Our delivery area is growing. Please call or email today for a sales visit.

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